Dreadstone – The Immortal Prisoner” is an upcoming indie 2D Metroidvania platformer. Especially important to us are the game elements “looting” and “leveling“. The goal is to create a combination of our favorite games Mario and Diablo.

Explore the mysterious world around the continent of Alamantia in a sinister atmosphere. There is much to discover, from the lost forests of the Twisted Grove to the snowy peaks of Glacier Olas. But be warned, besides fame and fortune, there are also evil forces, nasty creatures and treacherous traps that make life in Alamanita dangerous.


★ Many variants of items (equipment, potions, runes, crafting materials, …)
★ Perks (attack modufications, merchant enhancements, player enhancements,…)
★ Monsters and bosses
★ Varied side quests spread all over the continent
Crafting (find blueprints and upgrade your equipment yourself)
★ Enchant your equipment with ancient runes
★ Fight your battles with swords, bows or sorcery