Forgotten Defender

Forgotten Defender is multiplayer game in which you have to defeat several waves of enemies in different levels. Forgotten Defender by Tortuga Software Current status: You can create a game in two ways, either through Steam or host it yourself. After you open a game, you enter the lobby and wait for your friends to […]

Dreadstone – The Immortal Prisoner

Dreadstone – The Immortal Prisoner by Tortuga Software Dreadstone – The Immortal Prisoner” is an upcoming indie 2D Metroidvania platformer. Especially important to us are the game elements “looting” and “leveling“. The goal is to create a combination of our favorite games Mario and Diablo. Explore the mysterious world around the continent of Alamantia in […]

Wind Summoner

The game Wind Summoner was created at Kenney Jam 2021 and was developed in 48 hours. Description:It was a rainy, drunken night in the port of Tortuga. You put aside your powers to summon the wind for an evening and found the bottom of a rum bottle. What awaits you after waking up in the […]

Delicious Fruitworld

Delicious Fruitworld is a classic Jump ‘n’ Run in which the objective is to complete each level with as many points as possible. The points are increased by collecting the fruits that appear in the levels, decreased by deaths and the remaining time is added as bonus points. Pick the fruits to get points! Overcome […]