We are Thomas and Felix, two software developers who have been working with Unity for some time.

Hello, my name is Thomas and I am 30 years old. I have been fascinated by video games since I was a little boy. I’ve tried all genres over time, but none has ever captivated me more than platfomers like Mario and RPGs like Diablo. Since Felix and I both share this passion, we started to create our dream project “Dreadstone – The Immortal Prisoner” to honor our favorite games. Through another great hobby of mine, creating and directing P&P stories, I realized how much fun it is for me to tell other people an exciting story. This is also a reason for the project, to live out my creativity and in the best case give you a good time in this video game. With passion I’m currently trying to do this project, I dream to devote all my attention to this project, which would be greatly facilitated by a little support, since I still have to do it alongside my main job.

And I am Felix. Developing games and creating my own worlds has fascinated me for years. Because of Thomas’ infectious enthusiasm for Dreadstone we decided to found the team Tortuga Software.